Inspection 101

What an inspection is… and what it isn’t.

We don’t need to tell you how overwhelming buying a new home can be. Chances are, if you’ve found us, you’re in the thick of it! Maybe you’ve already found “The One” and are preparing to make an offer (Congratulations!) or maybe you’re just starting your search and trying to get all of your ducks in a row before things get too overwhelming.

No matter what stage of the process you’re currently in, you’ve probably heard the term “inspection” more than once. It might seem like just another thing to add to your “to-do” list, but an inspection is one of the most important aspects to a home purchase. It can make or break a deal, and sometimes, it can even end up making the deal a little sweeter for you, the buyer.

Here’s a crash course in Inspection 101 to help you better understand what you need and what you need to  know.

What an inspection is… and what it isn’t.

Think of an inspection as a really intense check-up for the home you’re considering purchasing. It’s an experienced perspective that looks at all of the aspects of the house, and your last line of defense before signing a purchase agreement. Our inspector comes into the home and takes a deep look, beyond the fresh paint and staged furniture.

Our inspectors are specially trained individuals who know exactly what troubles to look for and has the proper tools to look behind, in-between, and around all the spaces that the average eye might miss. It’s a great way for you to find out what is going on, currently, with the home, and to possibly see what repairs and maintenance you can expect over the years.

An inspection is a great way to protect your investment. Oftentimes, you can negotiate with the seller to have any problems repaired before purchase, or you can negotiate compensation and hire your own contractors after purchase.

Either way, any problems that an inspector might find can be used as a bargaining chip in price negotiations. That alone can be worth the cost of a good inspection, not to mention the headache and money it might save you in the long run.

Additionally, many mortgage lenders require you to have a home inspected before they’ll fork over a check. It’s best to check with your lender to see what inspection requirements they have before making a decision. Remember, it’s their investment too, and they want to protect it as well.

One thing to keep in mind when hiring us to do the inspection is that YOU are hiring us. We work for YOU. It’s not our goal to sell the house or appease the city. We’re here to give you an honest, unbiased opinion on the current and future state of the home. We aren’t going to make more money or less dependent on how many issues they find.

The inspector: your investment’s last line of defense.

When you hire an inspector, you’re hiring someone as your last line of defense before you sign on the dotted line.

We examine the HVAC, ventilation, structure, exterior, interior, plumbing, roof, wiring, insulation, and many other items to complete a thorough report on the condition of your potential new home. Here is a comprehensive list of items that we inspect.

Some of these issues can be extremely expensive to fix and it’s helpful to know about them before you’ve fully committed to purchasing the home. An inspection can arm you with the information you need to negotiate or back out of the deal if the expenses are just too much.

Some common issues that are found in both new and old construction are roofing issues, damaging leaks and moisture, grading of the yard, unauthorized modifications, and faulty wiring. Many of these things are often hidden from view during a showing, either purposefully or because they just aren’t visible (such is the case for many faulty wiring issues). An inspector can spot these issues for you, before they become your problem, as opposed to the sellers, and wreak havoc on your gorgeous new home.

Knowing this, it’s apparent that the quality of the inspector is extremely important.

Continue to educate yourself on the inspection process and feel free to call us and ask questions to get a feel for how we operate and what to expect. If you have any particular concerns about the home in question, let us know.

Feel free to come along on the inspection with us, as this is a great way to learn more about your new home, and a great way for you to see, with your own eyes, some of the issues that the inspector finds.

Choosing a good inspector is important and can be overwhelming and frustrating. We’re here to make the journey a little easier. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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